Nov 29 2010

The Women Of NCIS

LOS ANGELES — Being the only girls in the crime-fighting world of NCIS can be a bit daunting, but series stars Cote de Pablo and Pauley Perrette insist the familial atmosphere of the hit show — now filming its eighth season — keeps them from feeling left out.

In fact, de Pablo insists, the combination is just right. “It’s very rare when you have a top-rated show and an international success like this,” says the actress, who joined the cast in the third season. “If you were to take out any of these characters, you would be messing with the chemistry of the show.”

Playing Ziva, a former Mossad agent, calls for more than a few stunts, and it’s a part of the job that de Pablo relishes.

“Nothing gets me more pumped than a really good fight sequence,” says de Pablo, who comes from a dancing background. “In dance, I always felt like I was never good enough because I couldn’t get my leg high enough or whatever. But in fighting you can be dirtier. It’s what I think most women secretly would love to do.”

There are risks, of course. “At a certain point, you may get hurt,” she says. “And you have to know that going into it. Certainly, I’ve had injuries. The simplest things are the ones that hurt you. I did one fall and my neck was basically shot for about two weeks.”

Perrette’s role as forensic specialist Abby isn’t nearly as physical, but it instead calls for something of a mental workout. “I have probably four hours of studying to do tonight,” she says. “The things that Abby has to say, there’s no way to do that without studying. Because by the time I get to set, I’ve got props and things and microscopes and mass spectrometers and so many things to do that if you’re not really super-prepared, I don’t think there’d be any way you could play Abby. It’s a lot.”

Both actresses have found strong relationships to play off of with their male co-stars, especially with series.. More?

SOURCE: Metro News

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